Superior Products, Reasonable Prices, Let us be part of your Tombstone story

In 2022 Nellie’s did everything backwards, at least from the position of being a soap and candle store. Most shops of our kind start online, we started with a storefront. Merely weeks in, we discovered that our customers wanted to be able to keep getting our products once their vacations were over, and thus we built this site.

Our mission is to be part of our customer’s Tombstone experience. We love that we get to keep bringing you back to Tombstone again and again, and for those who have discovered us on the world wide web.. welcome, when are you coming to visit?

At Nellie’s, we are committed to bringing you all of the quality and the luxury of handmade boutique soap, skin, and beard products, while also being kind to your wallet. Our goal is to make sure you and your skin feel cared for.

We are unashamedly Christian, in our store you will hear contemporary Christian music playing via Alexa, and you might just get invited to church. We are grateful to God for the many blessings He has bestowed upon us and we pray for YOU every day

Veteran and Woman Owned!

Nellie’s Wicks and Bricks is Veteran owned and woman-owned. Leaving behind the corporate world, Danielle Crownover followed her dream to have a shop in the heart of Tombstone and mingled with her love of making soap. Paul, a retired green beret, likes to joke that his role is the “OGTO” Official Garbage Taker Outer. Paul is integral to the success of our organization. His friendliness greets our customers in the shop, and his passion and knowledge of history and the military (we are located near an army base), really make him an outstanding member of the team.

Our mission at Nellie’s is to be a positive part of our visitor’s Tombstone experience. We love that we get to do that through conversation and demonstration. Our online shoppers are mostly made up of people who have shopped in our shop and it thrills us that we can continue to bring those Tombstone adventures right back.